Are you a business owner? If you have entered the industry, the first goal should be to work on the technical aspects. As a business owner, you want local customers to get attracted to your services and products. In today’s world, majority of the people have embraced technology. The moment they wake up, one checks their phone and laptop for newest emails and social media updates.

If you want more local customers, it is possible to achieve the goal with the help of search engine optimization. Novices may not understand the concept and that’s why this post will be helpful.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

When an individual is looking for information or apt products, they go to the Google search engine and type the relevant keywords. For example – best underwater water proof phone cases. As soon as you type this keyword, you will find thousands of articles and eCommerce websites selling this particular product.

What do YOU do? You do not waste time and check out the first page of the search engine. The first page consists of results who have spent considerable amount of time to publish relevant SEO-friendly posts.

SEO is not just about placing keywords! It is also about making good use of the right SEO practices. Here are the numbers for you to understand the importance of SEO!

Did you know that approximately 3.5 billion searches are performed every single day on GOOGLE? Even if you are a small business owner, online visibility is extremely vital. As per ROWNMI Marketing, hiring a professional helps in bringing all the profits to your pocket.

The Concept of Keyword Research

When you hire a novice, they would make up keywords but a professional would do proper keyword research. There are expert tools for doing keyword research. By hiring an expert, it is guaranteed that it will drive better results.

Let’s cut to the chase! How do you perform effective keyword research?

  • Firstly, you make a list of all the important topics that are relevant to your business. If it is a fashion website, you can think of topics like men’s fashion, kid fashion, accessories, shoes, women’s clothing, clothing for women, etc.
  • Pick one word! For example, you pick WOMEN or Women’s Fashion. Now make all the possible keywords using these words.
  • Once you make a list of keywords, check whether these are being searched or not. How popular are these keywords? This will give you an idea whether the keywords used in the post will help in ranking or not.
  • Next step is to research the related keywords. The key is to identify the popular keywords that will help your business to grow.

Always remember that keyword research is not the easiest task! Your website’s core foundation is built with the usage of keywords. There can be changes in trends and new keywords are formed each day!

You can check the list of popular keywords that are being searched! There are blog owners who pick a niche for their website on the basis of popular and most searched keywords.

Note – Invest in a good keyword research tool that helps in searching for the best keywords.

As we said, it isn’t the easiest job but a professional can do it without a fret!

How to get higher ranking on Google?

You have all the keywords ready, but do not have relevant and high-quality content. It’s time to hire someone to do it for you! Never commit the mistake of doing all the tasks by yourself! The prospective customers are looking for relevant information.

Give them high-quality informative content that solves their queries and issues. As they say, content is king and focusing on providing real answers is recommended.

You can post guest blogs on other websites with back links. Only a professional would know the art of creating relevant content and bringing traffic to your site. Secondly, check the speed of your site. If it is slow, there is a warning sign here. A slow website will never receive brownie points because this era is all about need for speed. Speaking of speed, a fancy web design is plausible but these days simple designs are being demanded. When the web design is less complicated, the speed of the website is higher!

Optimize everything on your website for the right set of keywords. Most importantly, learn the language that your customers speak. Once you understand their requirements, you will learn their language too!

Final Thoughts

It is important to invest time, money and patience. Your business will get a boost only when you are visible online. In order to get visibility, focus on using the right keywords and the best SEO practices.

Also, ensure that you are creating less and promoting more. Use social media, guest blogging, Quora and many more channels that will help you get noticed! Everyone starts from scratch, right? It would be advisable to hire a professional to take care of all the local SEO requirements.

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