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Why is Social Media important?

Using social media to advertise a brand, products, or services. Social media marketing allows a brand to insert itself into ongoing conversations on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Best practices for effective social media marketing include creating interesting content that links back to your website as well as publicly replying to questions and comments. Although you can rely on social media advertising, posts can be organic, meaning you don’t pay anything to “boost” them, or they can be promoted with media dollars. Learn the fundamentals of effective social media strategies in this social media marketing guide for small businesses for a positive return on investment and a successful social media presence.

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ROWNMI Engages Your Business Within The Media's

Social media marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to drive sales and increase exposure for your business.

Social media is one of the most influential tools when it comes to consumer decision-making. Through social ads, retweets, shares, likes, posts, and other engagements, an active social media presence can get your business in front of your target market without them even looking for you.

That being said, this is the age of influencers when it seems everyone has a say about everything wherever you look. At ROWNMI, we are a social media marketing agency that can help you stand out and attract the right crows, all while staying true to your brand.

Vital Social Media feedback

 It’s important to create campaigns based on your client’s behaviour, which is where our research and planning come into play. We’re experts across all social platforms with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Content Creation

Creating social media posts is a passion for our team. We’re all active on and stay ahead of social media trends (and we love interacting with our own clients in new and unique ways). At ROWNMI, we understand that social media isn’t going anywhere, it’s only evolving, and we’re evolving with it. Social media marketing is all about brand awareness.

Profile Optimization

We take the time to optimize your social profiles for SEO in accordance with NAP guidelines. We can also help you expand your influence by creating profiles on new platforms such as Snapchat, Pinterest or TikTok to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The #1 goal of social media is to increase brand awareness. New businesses especially should have a strong social presence with frequent posting, advertising, sharing, and commenting. 

Engage New Clients & Drive More Leads

The #1 goal of social media is to increase brand awareness. New businesses especially should have a strong social presence with frequent posting, advertising, sharing, and commenting. 

Develop Customer Loyalty

People talk about the brands they love. Allow your customers the opportunity to like your page, opt-in to giveaways, share your content and write reviews. User engagement is influential for new customers and can help to establish a strong and persuasive online community of followers.

Nurture Your Brand’s Online Community

Enhancing user engagement is one of the main goals of social media marketing in Edmonton. Ongoing customer engagement keeps your brand top of mind and shows your audience that your relationship goes deeper than an initial transaction.

We help you meet customer needs by responding to reviews, replying to comments, interacting with other pages, and creating and monitoring stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Boost SEO

Did you know that social media can contribute to SEO? The more your content is shared across the internet, the better for SEO. It’s important to keep your brand name, address, phone number, and website URL consistent across all online profiles. At GrowME, we perform a detailed NAP audit to ensure nothing gets missed.