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Are you a small to medium sized business owner?
Are you just starting out with your business and want to get your name online?
 Maybe you have a website that you’re not entirely happy with?
 ROWNMI Marketing has a team in Edmonton that will bring your business forward!


ROWNMI Marketing takes pride in the development of WordPress website designs that are developed specifically for local SEO. Surrounded by a professional team of WordPress Website designers, ROWNMI Marketing has the reputation as one of the most trusted WordPress Web Design Companies in Edmonton. Our creative focus of work has been proven to deliver the highest quality websites for our client’s businesses. We create a customer engagement experience within the Canadian Market to help local business generate local traffic to the clients’ website with lightning fast servers, for the ultimate user experience in its entirety and delivery.

Once your site is up to date your clientele will be astonished with the professionalism and quality to your website. Our expert web designers will certainly provide good value for your money. Contact us today for a quote on Website Design Services in Edmonton!!!

Our Latest Work

Parkway Bingo

Parkway Bingo hired ROWNMI for a website design that has a number of their customers inquiring on their custom pots pages. The goal and purpose of the website are to convert new website traffic into new customers into their bingo halls. This website’s turnaround time was 30 days with all of the content, graphics, added into the website in the first 30 days. ROWNMI proudly works with bingo clients in the Edmonton Market

Cash for Cars Edmonton

Cash for Cars Edmonton started with ROWNMI Marketing implementing a search engine optimization campaign as well as a website branding and website design from scratch. Cash for Cars Edmonton started their auto business early in 2014 and was looking for a way to grow their presence online without sacrificing their budget. They now have a responsive design, and mobile friendly website that appears in Google for Edmonton keywords.  Take a look at their website by clicking below: 

Primrose Pharmacy​

Primrose Pharmacy located in Edmonton, AB came to ROWNMI Marketing with the goal of re branding their current website. ROWNMI Marketing started the website by visiting the location and taking highly custom and quality images and video of the business. Primrose Pharmacy company goals was to increase web traffic growth in 2015. Primrose Pharmacy has been a partner of ROWNMI Marketing since 2015. Click the button below to  view website.

Garage Door Service 24*7

Garage Door Service 2o Four 7 is a leading Overhead door service provider in  Edmonton AB, focusing on providing safe garage door services for residential.  Garage Door Service came to ROWNMI Marketing looking for a reputable website design company in Edmonton to give them a new brand. By allowing the ROWNMI Marketing to create/produce new content, ROWNMI was able to design Garage Door Service 20 Four 7 website optimized for Google.  After the design, their website has generated several leads via website and organic searches.


ROWNMI Marketing  follows closely on the ever changing digital marketing economy specifically for local SEO. Websites nowadays are more important than ever, for local business. It is the website that will either change your leads into clients or have your potential clients leave for your competitors. Some  reasons your potential customers will leave your website

  • a slow loading website with annoying banners and irritating pop-up windows 
  • a mess of mumbled text and images are an instant turn off
  • dead links that send you to 404 pages

They’re many reasons that you can lose your potential client too your competitor, which is why you need the professional web design team at ROWNMI Marketing who are able to step in and assist. Contact us today for a quote on your new website!

We Help You Expand
Brand Influence Globally.​

Building a strong, recognizable brand will help you connect with your customers. ROWNMI will brand, your business to increase visibility and influence. Let us expand your brand with some amazing opportunities and build a user exceptional experience.
Set your online presence on fire. Contact us today to learn more about our proven system.