Google Advertising Services

When creating ad campaigns, many digital marketers focus too narrowly on optimizing just the ads (the pre-click phase). A great Google Ads campaign will also build a compelling post-click experience—one that convinces customers to stay, learn, and eventually convert.

The difference between an average Google Ads campaign and a great one is that a great campaign focuses more on the post-click phase.

What makes a great Google Ads campaign?


  • Personalization: Ads and landing pages provide a tailored experience for each audience segment
  • Message-matching: Ads and landing pages reinforce the same selling points
  • Conversion-centered design: Post-click landing page design is aimed at achieving one specific goal
  • Conversion-focused: Product landing pages are used in place of typical product pages
  • Persuasive copy: Post-click pages feature benefit-oriented headlines and compelling CTAs
  • 1:1 conversion ratio: Each landing page drives the user to only one CTA
  • Readability: Page design has a clear visual hierarchy

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ROWNMI Explains Why Google Ads Are Necessary to Your Marketing Strategy

ROWNMI is a full service marketing company and we specialize in Edmonton Website Design and google paid ads. We believe these services go hand in hand to form the best and most powerful marketing strategy.

SEO is important to small business, but Google as management can get you immediate results! It could take months to appear on the first page organically, but your ads can get you there right out of the gate.

Paid ads are vital to boosting awareness, increasing leads, and bringing in more traffic and conversions. Google ads also allow you to target specific demographics within your audience base and spend within your budget, all while delivering an unbelievable return of investment.

Our Google Ad Strategy

We perform in-depth research to get your campaign started on the right foot. We begin with targeted keyword research to determine which terms make the most sense for your business based on search volume, difficulty, and budget. We also build consumer profiles to ensure proper audience targeting.

Google Ad Setup

Campaign setup is crucial to the success of your ads, kind of like waking up on the right side of the bed is crucial for your good hair day. Setup involves choosing the right bidding strategy, creating ad groups, writing ads, and ensuring landing pages are properly optimized for conversions.

Launch Of Ad

Here comes the exciting part! Prior to launch, we’ll send you the proofs of your ad so you can review, revise, and refocus as needed. Your account manager will oversee the launch for quality control, and then we’re off! For some agencies, this might be the final step, but we’re just getting started.

Google Ad Learning

All Google ads undergo a learning phase when the campaign is brand new. During this time, we’ll watch for any issues and keep a close eye on the performance. We’ll look for opportunities to adjust the bid strategy or branch out to different types of ads as needed.

Grow With US

We’re always looking for ways to make your ads better. From refreshing the ads with evergreen content to shifting budgets as your focus changes to utilizing different ad types to stay ahead of the curve, we guarantee consistent growth and an ROI beyond your imagination.

Creating a Stellar Google Ad Campaign

Traditional Google search ads are all about targeting for intent. You need to optimize your campaign around the proper keywords to capitalize on user intent. You can also target based on demographic and interests.

Develop a Bidding Strategy

There are options for both manual and automatic bidding for Google ads. Manual bidding allows for greater control and fine-tuning and could help you get your ads on the first page faster.

We help you meet customer needs by responding to reviews, replying to comments, interacting with other pages, and creating and monitoring stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Build Your Clientele

Google ads are most effective when positioned to solve a specific problem. Highlight specific customer benefits and make it as clear as possible that your product or service is the answer they need.